Tree Root Infestation, Blocked Storm Water Pipe, Mooroolbark.

This year has been a very wet one . Although its very tempting to hide inside ’til Summertime, we should be mindful of whats happening outside. Checking for potential water problems 13934675_1724481281026607_8656151510558176754_n 13906883_1724481264359942_1145284601158176008_n

is important, as they can only be noticed when its raining.

Your roof and stormwater pipes play a very important role in keeping your house and yard in great shape.

Gutters and valleys not recently cleaned, lead to overflows in your eaves or ceilings. Blocked downpipes will rust out quickly and cause gutters to overflow, blocked storm water drains can cause lots of flooding, around your yard and homes foundations. Small leaks from your gutter angles or joins can rot your facias and window frames.

These issues can normally be easy fixed with little effort, but left unnoticed or ignored can lead to much more damage and expensive repairs.

An example of how issues can go unseen is this storm water pipe. It has been completely blocked for years causing the down pipes to overflow on the ground, and water to sit around the homes foundations.

Tree roots start of small get bigger and bigger to the point where the only option is to replace the drain. Running a hose down your downpipes and drain pipes is a great way to see if they are flowing. But if they do show signs of blocking or your just unsure, don’t hesitate call.

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