Police Checked and Working with Children Card.

Do you, or somebody you know work at a school, child care, nursing home ect? When emergency strikes you don’t just need a plumber; you need a plumber who is either police checked, or has a working with children card depending on the situation. And fair enough too there is a lot of nuff nuffs out there!

This week i received a call from a lady who had called 18 plumbers before me, she had a bad leaking pipe and her companys’ policy is anybody who carries out work at the facility must have the appropriate checks.
Lucky for her Daves plumbing and gasfitting has both, I am police checked and have a working with children card.


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Bathroom Renovation, Montrose.

Before and after pics of a recent bathroom renovation myself , Burrows constructions and BAP electrics completed in Montrose.
14520581_1756027984538603_7036820203752235800_n 14462735_1756028004538601_4487063313305084474_n 14485130_1756028771205191_1989383899136388774_n 14502914_1756028027871932_5949850226614763034_n 14522719_1756029567871778_623322392593648808_n 14522792_1756029364538465_6012932903322049793_n


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Dual Shower Rose, Mitcham.

This style of duel control shower rail can be retro fitted to most showers without the need to alter any pipe work in the wall or repair to any tiles, and in this case solved the problem of shower rose being to low.



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Tree Root Infestation, Blocked Storm Water Pipe, Mooroolbark.

This year has been a very wet one . Although its very tempting to hide inside ’til Summertime, we should be mindful of whats happening outside. Checking for potential water problems 13934675_1724481281026607_8656151510558176754_n 13906883_1724481264359942_1145284601158176008_n

is important, as they can only be noticed when its raining.

Your roof and stormwater pipes play a very important role in keeping your house and yard in great shape.

Gutters and valleys not recently cleaned, lead to overflows in your eaves or ceilings. Blocked downpipes will rust out quickly and cause gutters to overflow, blocked storm water drains can cause lots of flooding, around your yard and homes foundations. Small leaks from your gutter angles or joins can rot your facias and window frames.

These issues can normally be easy fixed with little effort, but left unnoticed or ignored can lead to much more damage and expensive repairs.

An example of how issues can go unseen is this storm water pipe. It has been completely blocked for years causing the down pipes to overflow on the ground, and water to sit around the homes foundations.

Tree roots start of small get bigger and bigger to the point where the only option is to replace the drain. Running a hose down your downpipes and drain pipes is a great way to see if they are flowing. But if they do show signs of blocking or your just unsure, don’t hesitate call.

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Gas Leak, Wantirna South.

Gas Leaks should be taken very seriously, especially when in a confined space; close to an ignition source. This is a picture I have taken of a leak I found on a hot water, gas control valve. The owners were very lucky it had not gone BOOM! If you can smell gas, or have higher than normal bills, have your gas line tested. It only takes a few minutes.

4 june

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Monster Garage and Water Tank. Woori Yallock

MG 3

I’m sure most of us would want a shed as big as this, but unfortunately shed companies only put up the shed.

MG 1

To make the most of a roof this size and catch rain, you need a Plumber to install downpipes, storm water pits and drains and ag drains to soak up the ground water.  As well as to install water pumps and lines into taps.


This is an easy job for Dave’s Pluming and Gasfitting. Weather it is a monster garage or just your average sized garden shed. So if you’d like to make the most of your roof catchment area, contact us today.


Cheaper does not mean better!

Cheaper does not mean better.

Money can be tight. I have been there and I understand that, but when getting quotes ask a lot of questions. Don’t be afraid to ask for references, and be sure to compare apples with apples.

I often see other Tradies just cutting corners with work they should be doing. Or using cheap products, so they can still win the job and make good money. Thats when the home owner looses.

I was recently undercut on a gas-line quote. I was surprised as there was a big cost in material, and I thought my price was very fair.

Later I was asked to come and connect a cooktop at the same job, only to discover the new gas line was half the size it should be, and there was two gas leaks in the new gas line.

So after taking short cuts on materials the other bloke did not even bother to test his own gas line, and the home owner is still waiting for the certificate of compliance he was promised.

A home is a large investment. Whoever you use, be sure you will get what your paying for, and that the job will be done right, and in accordance with the relevant laws.


Ducted Heating in 40+ Degree Heat, Glen Waverley.

Today I installed a new ducted heating unit for a customer yesterday in 40+ deg heat. Why you ask? Because you can not trust Melbourne weather, even in the middle of summer! Today its dropped to 12 deg and that heater is getting plenty of use I’m sure, lol.



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Burst Hot Water Service, Boronia.

It can be a big inconvenience when your hot water stops working. This is something I do see  a lot of. I can act quickly to discuss your options, and get your hot water working again the same day. Even if that means installing a new one.
And more importantly, I’m happy to take the old one away .
Burst hot water boroniaBurst hot water boronia 2
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Kitchen Taps, Endeavour Hills.

Often taps in the kitchen wear out first,  they are used the most. You can often upgrade to a flip mixer for a similar price of replacing exsisting Tap Ware, and  breech. Any old tap holes are simply plugged with stainless steel covers.Kitchen taps 1.

Kitchen taps 2.


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